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欢迎来到 上海





清晨,伴着初升的朝阳,你可以在酒店健身房跑出一身的汗,也可以尝试极具中国特色的晨练—太极拳。就在酒店正门,你便可以领略到中国传统武学的风采,热情的师傅,会一招一式教你。 晨练之后,你可以在位于酒店一楼的壹阶层餐厅享用丰富的自助早餐。早餐之后,推荐您搭乘出租车到上海科技馆的新阳市场,那里有好多具有传统特色的纪念品,如珍珠,包箱,鞋和首饰等。还有一些手艺精湛的驻店裁缝,为你量身定做极具设计感的服装。


新天地是上海一个很富有生命力的地方,那里有许多建造在石库门房子里的餐厅、酒吧和商店,在这里你的午餐有非常丰富的选择。从新天 地步行30分钟就来到了上海博物馆,那里珍藏着中国的历史和财富,在上海博物馆的隔壁是上海城市规划展览中心,你可以洞察到城市发展的脉搏,感受整座城市 的生命力。








Destination in Chinese Characters

Most people cannot read pinyin language (Chinese in western letters). Make sure that you have the address of your destination written down in Chinese characters and always take a Business Card from the hotel when you leaving.


Keeping face

The Chinese are loathed to say ‘no’ or admit to not knowing something. If you ask a question several times and do not get a proper answer it is likely that they do not know the answer. Please try not make a Chinese person lose face by asking questions that they cannot answer as it will embarrass them in front of others.


Traffic Rules

Traffic rules in Shanghai work differently to most other cities with the largest vehicle going first. Please take care when crossing the street. A green light does not mean that there is no car turning left. Please make sure you look left, right, front, back, up and down before crossing the road.

您知道吗? ?




Pudong Area

Pudong area, where our hotel is located, was farmland only around 18 years ago. People used to say that it was better to have a room as large as a bed in Puxi than have a whole apartment in Pudong. The InterContinental opened as the first 5-star hotel in Pudong in 1996.


Shanghai Jewish Corner

Shanghai Hongkou District used to be a place where Jews took sanctuary during World War II. Now there is a Synagogue Museum at 62 Changyang Road.





Hotel address and telephone number

Taxi drivers are not familiar with the English pronunciation for the hotels in Shanghai. Try to get the address in Chinese characters beforehand or at least the hotel telephone number so you can ask the operator to tell the taxi drivers where to go. To avoid all of that hassle it is best to book a pick up service.



If you require medicine for a health condition please make sure you put it in your hand luggage since bags regularly get lost at airports. Chinese pharmacies do not trade in many international pharmaceuticals so it is safer to bring along your own.